A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Following the events of Dream Tear - Elementar Rising, a hero returns to aid a group of freedom fighters and uncover the legends and trials of Hope Isle.

  • Search Hope Isle to uncover it's mysterious. With a colorful cast of characters, Inner connected maps help to unveil side quests and possible other secrets.

  • An interactive LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System Motion Battle System) system helps toss you right into battle. Gain skills from battles and utilize the Orb Gauge to your advantage!

  • Uncover the secrets to Hope Isle, while also enjoying a story which brings things to life!

Dream Tear Elementar Rising series (c) Skytric
Music - Skytric
Artwork - Kanoir
Sprites - Skytric/Kanoir/Nitrogoblin
programming - Skytric

Official DT webpage - http://windgear.wixsite.com/dt-elementar-rising
Read the DT2 Manga/game teaser here. Also found on official site.

Install instructions

Download the rar, and play either from rar package, or drag  into a folder.  Click on Game.EXE to run the game.


DTER2.zip 779 MB
Version 1 Jan 18, 2018

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