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\updates VER2

Auto save feature.
Fixes in sprites and backgrounds.
Fixes in message system and text.
Auto forces a winnable or losing tutorial battle when you get outside into the map for the first time.
Volume adjustments as well as an option to level things yourself if wanted.
Fix in a game exploit which allowed you to level beyond normal.
One more Charm added to mess around with in game.

Following the events of Dream Tear - Elementar Rising, a hero returns to aid a group of freedom fighters and uncover the legends and trials of Hope Isle.

  • Search Hope Isle to uncover it's mysterious. With a colorful cast of characters, Inner connected maps help to unveil side quests and possible other secrets.

  • An interactive LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System Motion Battle System) system helps toss you right into battle. Gain skills from battles and utilize the Orb Gauge to your advantage!

  • Uncover the secrets to Hope Isle, while also enjoying a story which brings things to life!

Demo bug notes:

(MAJOR BUG FOUND) A major exploit with levels and some items can be found, if you manage to find it, have fun with this version for now. It'll be updated soon.

- vMessage text has overlapping bug in places. -

-  Witchhazel shop text has small bug with area you speak with her at. - ,

-  May be a bug when fighting Mizu, where if any other character beside Gabe Kuo get’s hit with bubble capture, it may not activate explosion effect. (This should be fixed.)

- Some sound and music volumes may need to be hit over. (May carry over into full version and will have to release a patch at a later time.)

Dream Tear Elementar Rising series (c) Skytric
Music - Skytric
Artwork - Kanoir
Sprites - Skytric/Kanoir/Nitrogoblin
programming - Skytric

Official DT webpage - http://windgear.wixsite.com/dt-elementar-rising
Read the DT2 Manga/game teaser here. Also found on official site.

Install instructions

Download the rar, and play either from rar package, or drag  into a folder.  Click on Game.EXE to run the game.


DTER2 Demo V.1.1.rar 483 MB

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