DT2 Demo version 1.1 up

Hey guys a couple days ago I had gotten up a new version of the demo for DT2. It drops some things from the previous and fixes a ton of other things found with the first play. 

Fixes issues with earlier version.
Auto save added
Can adjust sound settings
Forces you into a win, lose tutorial battle when you first enter the field.
Game exploit fixed.
Added an extra ‘warp’ skill to get players around the battle area faster and keeps damage away.
Removed the starting story, to just focus on more gameplay. (If you want the story version, please download the earlier demo.)
fixed some message problems - if more pop in let me know.
Fixed loop issue with background around beach.
Fixed sprites - (Might still be issues just let me know.)
Fixed some background tiles
Witchhazels shop has an extra added ‘Charm’ item selection now - No voice for her yet implemented.
Running from foes, now allows you to run through them to escape.


DTER2 Demo V.1.1.rar 483 MB
Oct 21, 2017

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