DTER Nearing completion - Music updates etc.

Well this has to be one of the faster titles I’ve gotten finished. Soon perhaps a week or so, or next month unless things pop up, DTER will be finished. This comes with updates,

  • More voice snippets during stories.

  • updated music (Moving away from the 16 - Bit in places)

  • 4 possible or maybe more, alternate endings depending on choices,and secrets to find.

(Let’s player notes and other things)

  • The game has also been reclassified as a point n click adventure game, with visual novel elements. Since there’s an RPG system involved and more action play in places.

Note there are still pretty much background place holders until we get around to making some official ones, such as New Tech, the Radio Station area, Kaos HQ, The ship in the intro and some of the forest locations. So they’ll be updated in future versions.

Anyways, keep a look out for the official release, and thank you everyone for your support of the series as well as the first game here!

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